Infinix Hot S Review – Hottest Shot?

One of the hottest selling point of the Hot S is the cameras. No, certainly not because of the 13 MP back camera and 8 MP front camera, nothing spectacular about that. What makes the cameras special then?

We will get to that in a moment.

With 5.2″ display, Hot S is the most compact phone from Infinix since the launch of the Hot 2 almost a year ago. While that doesn’t go well with some fans who has gotten use to bigger screens, to others, it is a welcome development. Or should I say a welcome digression from the “bigger is better” ideology.

Let’s meet Hot S…

The Design

Infinix Hot S

Infinix Hot S comes with a premium look and it is finely finished with metal frame and metal body. The compactness of the device makes it fit well in to one hand.

The camera of the device is located at the top center on the back of the device, with the dual LED flash right below it, then followed by all talked about fingerprint scanner.

Like most of Infinix phones, Hot S has its volume buttons and power button on the right side when the device is facing you.

Infinix Hot S

On the other side of the device is the dual sim drawer while the 3.5 mm audio jack remains at the top side.

Hot S

The micro USB port is between two loudspeakers at the bottom side of the device.

The Display

Again Hot S features 5.2″ full HD display with 424 pixels per inch (PPI). The display of the Hot S is well suited for streaming videos and playing high graphic games. Infinix Hot S display gives it an edge over every other Infinix phone – the best so far.

Colours and Variants

Hot S is available in two version (2GB/16GB and 3GB/32GB versions), and it is also available in five different colours – Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black and Blue.

Infinix Hot S Colours

Operating System and Processor

Hot S

Hot S comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and with the much anticipated XOS. Those that can’t wait to get the XOS update you can go get the device.

Infinix Hot S is powered by a 64-bit MediaTek MTK6753 processor, with Mali-T720 GPU. The processor offers 8-cores and is expected to clock at up to 1.5GHz. The processor is expected to give  good performance when multitasking.


Like already said, Hot S is available in two versions, one offering 16GB storage and 2GB of RAM and the other with 32GB storage and 3GB of RAM. The storage of both versions is expandable to up to 128GB using external micro SD card.

Connectivity and Network

Hot S supports 4G LTE network with 3G and 2G of course. The device also features Portable and Tethering hotspot with a Wi-Fi version of 802.11 a/b/g/n and the latest Bluetooth version (Version 4.1).

The Camera

Hot S

Back to the camera and back to the question – what makes the Hot S cameras special?

Starting with the front, the front camera of Hot S comes with 1.4 µm ultra pixel technology which gives you a high resolution selfie. This means that the 8MP front camera of Hot S will give a higher resolution when compared to other 8MP cameras.

Infinix Hot S

Hot S front camera also features 120° wide angle which makes it suitable for group selfie.

Here is how Hot S front camera compare to other mobile front camera in terms of wide angle:

Hot S Front Camera Compared

The dual LED flash of the Hot S back camera makes sure you capture all the hot moments clearly even at night. And for quicker action, the rear camera’s 13MP works to transform
every photo into clear and focused shot.

Overall, Hot S has the type of cameras you need for capturing all the hot moments of your life.

The Battery

Hot S comes with a 3000mAh battery and 1.5mAh fast charging. The 3000mAh battery capacity of the phone is a bit of a disappointment considering the fact that most phones in the same category offer nothing less than 4000mAh battery capacity.

Price and Availability

Hot S is now available on Jumia and it is sold for about NGN 45,000 (143 USD). Price may vary depending on location.


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affaq - August 2, 2016

I am big fan of infinix

Kwadwo Owusu AkyawKwadwo Owusu Akyaw - August 5, 2016

Hi ND I admire the hot S to the hilt and want to purchase one. However I am also attracted to mobile phones that have FM radio with RDS features. Does the hot S have this feature? Thanks.

Murdoc - August 9, 2016

I’ve been getting mixed reviews, you said full HD while some other reviews said HD, do you have the device to confirm this or you’re just reviewing a device you don’t have? Please prove me wrong! HD or full HD?

    Odira Ndubuisi - August 10, 2016

    Unfortunately I don’t have the device but the information I have was provided by Infinix Mobility.

      Murdoc - August 11, 2016

      aren’t you supposed to get the phone to do a full review so you’ll know for a fact that everything you’re writing is true. got a chance to check out the phone and i can tell you the screen resolution is 1280×720 which makes the display density 282ppi. i wouldn’t blame you tho, a mighty techcabal made the same mistake too.

Kwadwo Owusu AkyawKwadwo Owusu Akyaw - August 19, 2016

Hi ND I am sorry I have to jump ahead of the gun. I just read about Infinix Hot 4 X557 and I am highly disappointed in Infinix. From Hot 3 4G LTE, came the sleek Hot S also 4G LTE. Then comes Hot 4 with no 4G which simply indicates two steps forward, one step backward. This can only happen in products meant for Africa. Let them produce phones which do not support 4G for Europe or Asia and they will not sell even one. No reputable smartphone manufacturer at this stage is churning out phones without 4G, let Infinix take note.

    Odira Ndubuisi - August 20, 2016

    I understand your plight, but you need to understand also that different products are aimed at different customers. I believe one of the reasons the phone came that way is to keep it affordable. What is good for the goose may not always be good for the gander.

Chanel - August 20, 2016

Please does the phone have the led notification lights and when would the 3GB ram & 32GB storage be out?

Zulqarnain - August 20, 2016

Where to put SD Card in Infinix HOT S

I didn’t find any slot for memory card

    Odira Ndubuisi - August 20, 2016

    The same place you put sim card. You will have to sacrifice one sim port for SD card.

      Bernice - September 24, 2016

      Are you serious? Am in love with the phone but I can’t use a single sim phone…if it dual sim pls make it dual sim n also provide a place for de memory card.

Cobby Dart - August 22, 2016

which one to buy Infinix s or tecno c9?

LECH - August 23, 2016

Between infinix hot S and infinix zero 2 which is the best, pls reply

Muhammad Abdullah - August 29, 2016

How i can do Fast Charging in HOT S
? ??
Kindly tell me how to do? In Settings

    Odira Ndubuisi - August 31, 2016

    Simply connect your charger and the flash charge will start aster sometime. If the the phone is not charging fast, then it likely something is wrong with the charger.

asmat - August 29, 2016

hello, does hot s screen scratch less?

    Odira Ndubuisi - August 31, 2016

    If you whether the Hot S has a scratch resistive screen, the answer is no. You will have to invest in tempered glass to protect the screen from scratch.

Peter Rush - November 12, 2016

I Wanted 2 Buy D Infinix Hot S But Bcos It Nid 2 Sacrifice 1 Sim For A Memery Card,It Wil Mak Me 2 B Openin D Phone Everytime If I Want 2 Change Any Of Dem Whc Wil Coz Damage 2 D Phone.So Its Better 2 Add Money N Buy Tecno C9.


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