How To Use The XHide Feature Of XOS

Can we have some privacy please?

Yes we can with the XHide app on XOS.

X-Hide is a great privacy utility that became available first on XOS v.2.0 – one of the great features of XOS.

The X-Hide feature allows you to hide Messages, Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Audio Recording and Apps inside your phone and you will be the only one who will be able to access the content.

The most amazing part of XHide is that you can also hide the XHide app.

XHide - Privacy App for XOS

How To Use XHide

First you need to set up the XHide app and setting up the app is pretty easy.

Go to the X-Hide App that comes pre-installed on all Infinix smartphone running XOS.

Tap on the application, set the four digit PIN (not SIM PIN) and you are good to go.

You PIN must be a four digit following ##. An example is ##1234.

Side note: If you haven’t upgraded your phone to XOS, here is the link to the XOS update for the Infinix Zero 3, Infinix Note 2 LTE and Infinix Note 2.

Launching The XHide App

To launch the XHide app, go to app drawer and find the XHide app or you can launch it by dialing ## followed by you PIN on the dial pad.

As early mentioned, you can also hide the XHide app from the app drawer.

To hide the XHide app, launch it, go to Settings, switch on “Hidden Mode” and then follow the instruction on the next page to fully activate hidden mode.

Hiding XHide

Once hidden mode is activated, you can only launch the XHide app by dialing ## followed by your four digit PIN on the dial pad.

Hiding Contents with XHide


X-Hide is segmented into 6 categories.

Communication: This is where you can send private text messages,calls and save your confidential contacts. Follow the prompts on the apps to use the feature.

Pictures: This is where you can hide your private/confidential pictures. Follow the prompts on the apps to use the feature.

Video: This is where you can hide your private/confidential videos.Follow the prompts on the apps to use the feature.

Records: This is where you save your private/confidential videos. Follow the prompts on the apps to use the feature.

App Hide: This is where you save your private/confidential Applications. Follow the prompts on the apps to use the feature.
With that you are done.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about XHide

I forgot my X-Hide PIN, what should I do?

To reset your password,

Open the dial pad and dial ##00

X-Hide will pop up asking you to enter your answer to your security question. Answer the question right and you will be able to reset your password.

I don’t want to hide the X-Hide App, what should I do?

Open the dialer and dial ##followed by the password you had set.

When the X-Hide interface pops upselect settings and turn off the hidden mode.

The X-Hide app will become available on the App drawer, but you will still need the PIN or your Fingerprint to open X-Hide.

I want to un-hide a Video/Image/App, what should I do?

Open X-Hide.

Select the Image/Video/App you hid, tap on the export button at the top right part of the display and export the image back to the Gallery/App drawer.

I want to uninstall a Hidden App

First unhide the App, then use the normal procedure to uninstall the App.

Will a Hidden App be shown in my App list?

Hidden Apps will not be shown in your App List.

I want to sell my phone, how can i deactivate the X-Hide feature?

There are two ways to this, you can clear the hidden content and then give the new owner your PIN and they can set a new X-Hide password.

You can also perform a Factory Reset and this will revert the X-Hide settings to default and the new owner can use the X-Hide application.

Special thanks to Wesley (Xclub user) for the FAQs.


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Bennard Boateng - November 2, 2016

When I try hiding a contact in the Xhide it does not allow me,the feedback I get is synchronized customers are not allowed now. Tell me what to do to be able to Hide my contacts in the Xhide app.

Bennard Boateng - November 2, 2016

I cannot hide any contact in the Xhide , why is it so and how can I be sure to make it work?

Bennard Boateng - November 7, 2016

When is the launch date of the Infinix zero 4 and the zero 4 plus.

Franklin - November 7, 2016

Nice information, this will sure come in handy

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Please my x hide is hidden I can’t assses it…please help

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